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Poly Filling

Poly Filling is a system that targets the cause, which in return makes the cure long lasting and at a fraction of the cost of slab replacement! Over a period of time concrete is prone to settling and/or sinking due to the erosion, decomposing soils, and ground water. Now, with Poly Filling, we are able to inject into loosely consolidated soils, voids, etc. to stabilize concrete slabs.


Why is Poly Fill Your Best Option?

You get different options when it comes

to deciding what is best. Listed below are the

Top Three options for repairing a concrete slab.

Replace Concrete

Would take several days, tear out, haul away,

form, pour, and finish.



Heavy equipment, large holes, limited use if below

freezing, raise may be temporary.

Poly Fill 

Light equipment, small holes, little mess, can be installed

in any climate, you are able to walk or drive on

the surface within as little as 15 minutes of completion.

Check Out Just How Easy It Is To Fix Your Driveway!

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