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7 Things To Consider Before Getting Foundation Repair Work Done!

Learn 7 Things To Consider Before Getting Foundation Repair Work Done:

Knowing your home needs foundation work done is a unique stress you hopefully never have to face. It’s the kind of thing that many homeowners put off as long as they can if they do get dealt that hand, but that’s not always wise. Use the following 7 considerations in dealing with foundation repair issues to manage your stress, situation, and home the best you can.

1) How many quotes should you get? The commonly quoted rule of thumb when it comes to getting bids from contractors who might work on your property is to talk to at least three before deciding on who will get to do the work. It takes this many to get any sense of what the range of available prices is going to be, and it also takes that many free consultations to get your instincts to start tuning into who might be the most reliable option. It’s good to do at least three for these purposes, but it’s possibly advantageous to do even more to do serious price shopping. Being armed with a good quote is a great way to get someone you like to possibly lower his price.

2) Should you even get quotes? The words ‘foundation repair’ send chills down the spine of any homeowner, as such matters can sometimes blossom into massive projects costing thousands of dollars. However, this is not always the case. Foundation issues are not something that can be fixed as a do it yourself project like many other issues around a home, but sometimes they can, especially if you have experienced help from friends or family. It’s unlikely you can take care of it without a contractor but have just enough optimism to be open to the possibility if it presents itself.

3) Will insurance cover the costs of foundation repairs? If you own your home, then you likely have homeowners insurance covering your property. Check your coverage to see if it will help out with the financial strain of foundation repairs. For that matter, check all of your insurance coverage and policies that might be applicable. If it’s a flood issue, things can get complicated.

4) Is the soil around your home to blame? Some soils drain well and don’t keep a lot of water stored up. Others, like clay, are notorious for absorbing water and expanding when bloated with moisture. These expand laterally, to the sides, and can hurt your foundation. Consider if something like this must be addressed so that you don’t wind up doing the same foundation repairs again in five years.

5) Should the yard be sloped before or after the foundation repairs? Grading your terrain so that water runs downhill and away from the structure of your residence is a good way to prevent water from accumulating around your foundation, preventing future issues if you are lucky. Downspout extenders and leaf guards on your gutters serve similar purposes. However, there’s no point having things like this done to your yard before the foundation repairs, if those repairs are going to involve tearing up parts of the yard.

6) Do I need to chop down any trees and dig up their roots? Trees make for great shade in a yard, attracting chirping birds, cooling the grass, and even taking some humidity out of the air. However, some species have very aggressive roots that attack foundations. Identify potential offenders and consider removing any who are too close to your home’s structure.

7) What are the local building codes and regulations? Foundation repairs are sometimes things that don’t have to be done right away but might be required if you ever hope to sell your home or even rent it out. Know what the local rules and regulations are so you can stay in the clear of trouble. Improper work done wrong can mean paying to have it fixed again down the road.

Facing the prospect of foundation repair is never fun, but it usually is something you have to deal with when problems arise. Use the 7 considerations listed here to make the process go smoothly and hopefully it only happens once in the time you own your home.

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