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Exterior Waterproofing

Unwanted water getting into your home?

Do you think you are in need of Exterior Waterproofing?

Exterior Waterproofing helps keep the water out of your home but is not a method that is highly recommended. Due to the soil swelling around your home, it will expand and contract due to the moisture. Which will eventually lead to cracks in the foundation, which will result in water entering your basement. 

What is the main concern with Exterior Waterproofing?

When homeowners are in the process of fixing their foundation due to water leaks, companies will recommend performing Exterior Waterproofing to help stop the leak. Now, what is the problem with this? It may cause extreme trauma to your lawn, any shrubs you have planted, and even your deck. Which is why most companies won't guarantee it.

Why do we guarantee it?

Most companies use a black tar, place the exterior drain, and backfill with dirt. We make sure to use a commercial grade exterior waterproofing membrane that will seal the outside of your foundation. We will complete the work by placing the exterior drain down and then backfilling 100% with clean gravel. This helps allow the water drain properly and decreases the chances of it ever being clogged.


Enjoying A Water-Free Basement

With our exterior waterproofing system, you will be relieved to know that you won't have any moisture coming into your home. We provide a lifetime guarantee, which is also transferable, that covers all work done. 

Ready For Your Basement To Look Like This?

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Take A Look At Our Satisfied Customers!

K.C. Waterproofing is an excellent company. They did a good job keeping me informed of the schedule. The weather cooperated so they started and finished on time. The workmen were friendly and answered all my questions and concerns. I would recommend this company to anyone.

-Beverly L. 

All around phenomenal experience, would use them again in a heartbeat and will pass their info on to everyone I know! Thank you!!

-Dillon W. 

The guys who helped fix our leaky basement issue were great. Did the job in two days and after a hard rainfall, no more leakage. Thanks guys, I'd recommend K.C. Waterproofing.

-Lyle S. 

Good people, good workmanship, trustworthy, with integrity to do the job right or make it right!

-George C. 

They did a great job, worked within the time frame they estimated, did a good job cleaning up afterward and didn't charge me any more than they estimated, courteous workers who answered my questions without a problem and fixed the one small item I had concerns with. I would definitely recommend KC Waterproofing.

-Steve R. 

This is the second time I have used this company. Two different properties with two scopes of work. The first was a couple years ago and so far everything is holding up perfectly. I have no reason to expect the job they just finished to do anything but give us many years of satisfaction as well.

-James W. 

I had a great experience with this company. They are very professional and friendly, they do great work that comes with a warranty, they show up when scheduled, and are very helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely be using them again.

-Stephanie G

We used K.C. Waterproofing before and they were our only option for additional repair. Don and his team take care of the customer. He listens to concerns, provides solution, and had patience with our unique situation. I would recommend the company because they offer a complete solution to the customer without over selling and stand behind their work.

-John C. 

 Both Don and his team were great. They started quickly and on-time. They fixed my sinking porch and saved my sanity. I would use them again. They did great work and were all very pleasant to talk to.

-Hugh M

I was set to go with another company a different solution. KC Waterproofing was my final appointment. I was convinced after speaking with the owner that this solution was best for my bowing walls and water issues in my basement. I liked the product used as compared to piers. The product is less invasive in the basement, and does not require attaching to floor joists or extra drilling into the floor for attaching. The "worker bees" were professional, cleaned up to my satisfaction, efficient and effective.

-Pam A. 

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