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Why Does Your Basement Leak?

Do you find yourself having unexplained water in basement situations? Cleaning up the mess and repairing any damage are always obvious and essential steps. However, if you truly want to prevent things from happening again, you need to know what happened and then discover the source of the water in your basement. 

Our Services 

Floor & Wall Leaks

If your basement has flooded or leaked, you should think about installing a basement waterproofing system. We use a sub-floor drainage system that will solve your specific water problems effectively!

Cracks Leaking

Our crack injection system has been designed for repair of leaky basement in problem areas such as expanding and contracting cracks, expansion joints and cold joints.

Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump is used for performance and reliability for your foundation. It accepts water from beneath the slab and does not promote undermining of the foundation.

Exterior Waterproofing

This will help keep water out of your home first. The soil starts to swell around your home, expands and contracts due to the moisture, and that is where you tend to see cracking. Which leads to water entering your home.

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3 Reasons To Waterproof Your Basement

Protect Your Health

With a damp, leaky basement you are prone to have mold or mildew in your basement. These will continue to grow and spread, which will result in sickness for everyone in the house. Mold typically begins to grow within 24-48 hours in a moist environment.

Protect Your Investment

Water entering your home can cause major problems down the road, so why wait? This could also help improve the property value of your home as well. A waterproofed basement can add more of a living space and functionality to your home.

Reduce Yearly Costs

As most do not know, waterproofing your basement can help reduce your electric bill costs. Having damp air in your basement can add 10%-15% to your electric bill. Studies show that it will save over $250 a year.

Take A Look Here At Our Customer Testimonials!

We used K.C. Waterproofing before and they were our only option for additional repair. Don and his team take care of the customer. He listens to concerns, provides solution, and had patience with our unique situation. I would recommend the company because they offer a complete solution to the customer without over selling and stand behind their work.

-John C. 

This is the second time I have used this company. Two different properties with two scopes of work. The first was a couple years ago and so far everything is holding up perfectly. I have no reason to expect the job they just finished to do anything but give us many years of satisfaction as well.

-James W.

They did a great job, worked within the time frame they estimated, did a good job cleaning up afterwards and didn't charge me any more than they estimated, courteous workers who answered my questions without a problem and fixed the one small item I had concerns with. I would definitely recommend K.C. Waterproofing.

-Steve R.

The guys who helped fix our leaky basement issue were great. Did the job in two days and after a hard rainfall, no more leakage. Thanks guys, I'd recommend K.C. Waterproofing.

-Lyle S.

All around phenomenal experience, would use them again in a heartbeat and will pass their info on to everyone I know! Thank you!!

-Dillon W. 

K.C. Waterproofing is an excellent company. They did a good job keeping me informed of the schedule. The weather cooperated so they started and finished on time. The workmen were friendly and answered all my questions and concerns. I would recommend this company to anyone.

-Beverly L.

Working with KC Waterproofing was a Great Experience. Don was very helpful and really walked us through the whole process and made sure all of our questions were answered prior to work starting. Also, the Crew Foremen (Vic) was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very attentive and always made himself available to make sure we understood every process along the way. He truly went above and beyond the call of duty here to ensure after they were done we would no longer have to worry about any water issues. We live at the base of a hill and have always had terrible drainage issues, when it rained it would run down the hill and directly into our crawl space. Our land is not easy to work and this crew conquered it with ease. My wife and I were very impressed with their teams professionalism and hard work they put forth to make sure everything was done correct. We had a big job for them by having the Crawl space sealed, sump pump and dehumidifier installed as well as 2 french drains installed one in front of our home and the other running the length of our driveway down to a covert. After all work was complete we had 7in of rain that fell. After the rain stopped we checked our crawl space and it was still dry and the sump pump worked great. Also, happy to say our yard and driveway is no longer holding water. This was money well spent. I honestly can't say enough good things about KC Waterproofing. They really are a top notch company. Thank You KC Waterproofing for saving our home. 🙂

-Mark G. 

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